Top 10 tips for buying domain names

1, Make a list of 15 possible names in the order that you would want them

2, Prepare alternative extensions in case the .com isn’t available

3, If the .com has been taken check the site out. If you’re selling baby clothes and the .com is a heavy metal/ punk band crossover appreciation site do you want the 2 to be confused?

4, If the .com is on a holding page contact the owner to see if they want to sell

5, NEVER check the domain until you are ready to buy. Some domain reg companies scrape domain searches and snap up the popular ones.

6, If you can, grab the .com .net or .org (if relevant). Next would be your country specific –

7, Think out of the box and go for catchy domains,,

8, Don’t go for extensions like .ws, .tc, etc unless they are the last remains that you simply must have

9, Avoid names-with-dashes-in-them

10, Keep your domain as relevant and as short as possible

by Lee Rickler
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