In recognition of the daunting vortex that social media may represent to many businesses, we’re serving up a two-part article with our top 10 tips for effective social media marketing. Here, in Part 2, we’ll look at the next five tips that could boost your online audience, build brand affinity and awareness, and see your business soar – all thanks to the right social media tactics.

6. Show behind-the-scenes
Posting photos of your team being silly or hard at work gives your brand a human side and makes it more relatable by showing employees as fun and down to earth. This is highly effective for establishing a greater connection with online audiences.

7. Use questions and quizzes to encourage interaction
Remember, social media is essentially about interaction – it’s about moving from the traditional advertising monologue to a dynamic, exciting dialogue with online followers. This is why quizzes and questions are a great way of encouraging increased fan engagement and cementing brand loyalty.

8. Consistency
Ensure your brand identity is consistent across all the different social media platforms, as well as your website. This means replicating the themes, tone, language and content throughout and using a WordPress website that will ensure optimal functionality on all mobile devices (remember, your site is ‘social’ too and will be accessed from mobile devices just like social media sites). Doing so will give your brand a stronger, more credible online presence, no matter how small your business.

9. Keep it casual
Social media has changed corporate communications in many ways. Stiff, formal language isn’t appropriate for social media interaction. Opt for a warmer, more conversational tone that will make your brand seem more authentic.

10. Stay on top of things
An integral aspect of social media is real-time marketing (RTM). Your business’ bloggers should always be aware of the trending topics and major events that are underway so that your brand can leverage online trends and discussions to raise brand awareness.
As Oreo showed with its iconic tweet during the 2013 Superbowl blackouts, the rewards to staying on your toes can be substantial.

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10 Tips for a Successful Social Media Strategy: Part 1