Having an active presence across the full spectrum of social media platforms is now critical for today’s businesses, both big and small. A carefully constructed social media marketing strategy can make all the difference for a brand, particularly in the case of small and independent businesses.

Below are a few of the best tips for ensuring your social media marketing efforts contribute to the achievement of your company’s objectives.

1. Develop content according to your marketing goals
Identify your goals (increase traffic, create a following, encourage interaction, etc.) and then develop your social media strategy accordingly. Having a WordPress website is critical to this end, as WordPress provides the essential visitor analytics you need in order to focus your online marketing approach.

2. Identify the best social media platform for your business
With an array of social media networks available, it’s important to know where your blogging efforts should be most concentrated.
For example, Pinterest would be a key platform if your target market is comprised largely of women aged 18–30, but not if it’s comprised mostly of men over 50.

3. Use social media to listen and interact with your customers
Sticking to autoposting in social media is a major no-no. Have a smart social media strategy in place to effectively deal with customer feedback in real-time if possible. Otherwise, your followers could easily hijack your page, profile or campaign with negative, damaging feedback. Real-time interaction with your online following is also highly effective at building brand loyalty.

4. Post regularly at the right times
Posting a few times throughout the peak hours of the day across all your social media profiles is essential. This keeps your brand top of mind for your online audience, and gives your posts a greater chance of being seen.

5. Don’t be afraid to outsource
Social media isn’t just an afterthought anymore, but an active full-time part of effective modern marketing. Companies with experience and expertise in social media, WordPress and web design like Point and Stare can take all of the stress and confusion out of social media marketing.

Social media can be intimidating, but as a powerful marketing tool, it’s something to be embraced and used to its maximum potential. For more useful tips, stay tuned for Part II of this article, or contact us at Point and Stare for more on how we can help your social media strategy succeed.

UPDATE: Part 2 of this article is here.