At Point and Stare, we love to see businesses getting ahead by using all that the online world has to offer—you could even say it’s our calling. That’s why when we see an opportunity to help businesses cut costs by using an online platform, we just have to share.

Google Hangouts is still a relatively new kid on the block, especially in terms of being embraced by businesses, but we’re sure that once you see how it could slash your operations costs, you’ll be flying the flag for Google Hangouts just like we are.

1. Lower video production costs
Web series centred on businesses’ products or services are becoming increasingly popular because of their broad scope for creative, highly targeted marketing. With Google Hangouts on Air, which allows you to broadcast live videos through your Google+ page, it’s cheaper and quicker to share HD-quality webisodes than with traditional video production. Videos can also be edited and shared on YouTube and Facebook, living on forever in the online realm.

2. Global meetings at zero cost
In today’s global village, many organisations are finding themselves having to hold meetings or give presentations with participants based in different towns, cities and continents. Although technology has offered up lots of video conferencing options for making international meetings possible, Google Hangouts is one of the best around, with the capacity to host meetings of up to 15 users. Although Skype is free, it’s notorious for its technical issues like poor audio, dropped calls and heavily pixelated video, while pre-paid services like GoToMeeting are just an added business expense. Google Hangouts is 100 per cent free, with top-notch HD video and audio, built-in screen sharing, and cool features like intelligent muting to cut background noise.

3. A cohesive marketing campaign
Through helping clients with our services, we know that positioning your brand as the authority in your niche industry means building awareness, fostering trust and establishing loyalty in your target market. The best way to do this is with a multi-faceted, content-centric approach, creating written and video blogs that share helpful, interesting and entertaining content to showcases your business’ expertise.

However, many businesses are daunted by the potential costs involved in producing videos to share on YouTube, plus writing blog posts to share on their websites, all on top of the time and effort needed to ensure that their key demographic is being reached. Google Hangouts allows for seamless integration of all three elements of establishing your brand’s authority: quick and affordable live video broadcasts with Google Hangouts on Air are easily integrated with your Google+ page, alongside insightful written posts, and each and every video or post shared on your Google+ page can be carefully targeted, with all the analytics to ensure a successful marketing campaign. No mess, no fuss, just the marketing impact you need—without paying a pound.

For more information on how we can help your business get the most out of Google Hangouts, contact us today.