Award winning?

As I have been in the online industry since 1996 you would have thought that I would have won quite a few industry awards by now.

Nope. Not one, никто, 沒有
Actually, there was one, when I came first in a design competition in Berlin many, many moons ago.
But that’s all.

Never have I won any form of Nobel Prize, a 90scar(?) or even a Golden Bagel Award.

So, why is that, I hear you wonder?
Truth is, these competitions are merely an excuse to sell expensive dinners, take months to prepare entries and can cost £thousands in ‘entry/ admin fees’.
I’m not interested in sponsoring such an event, the publicity itself probably wouldn’t return a worthy ROI, after all, it’ll mainly be ‘competitors’ eyes on the name.

I’d rather spend all those resources making clients lives better by devoting all my energies into producing the best and give the best value I can rather than patting myself on the back and running up a huge bar bill, and, after all, if my recent client list, testimonials and personal recommendations don’t convince you that “we are the media agency you need” then a big piece of plastic isn’t going to swing it.

I could employ an agency to prepare an entry for me, but, once again, the time spent working with the agency to reflect the value and integrity that I want to get across wouldn’t be the best use of anyone’s time. The other side of the coin is that I’m not on any award organisers seasonal card lists so i’d be climbing a massive hill anyway.

Of course, it would be lovely to be appreciated by the industry, but, this still wouldn’t reflect on the quality and respect that I install in all client projects which could lead to themselves being award winners.

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