One of the perks of social media is its ability to continue promoting an event even after the glitz and glamour are over. With modern society’s ever shorter attention span, it’s easy for even the most hyped events to soon be forgotten – unless creative social media tactics are employed.

Nostalgia with purpose
If used innovatively, social media can actually create longevity for your event. By sharing photos and tweets from your past events, you could generate further awareness of your business while your target audience reminisces. In doing so, you get the most marketing value out of each and every event, with absolutely no time limit.

Gathering content
However, in order to make post-event marketing a success, it’s important to have the right type of content available for nostalgic posts. Having a social media feed like our Tweet Wall or Instagram Feed streaming live at your event will allow you to gather loads of user-generated content that can later be re-tweeted, re-posted or ‘re-grammed’.

This type of content is excellent for encouraging interactivity with your followers and building brand loyalty, because it makes your audience feel valued and connected to your brand. It also often gets much more visibility than content generated professionally, as users are more likely to interact with content that has been created by someone they know.

A few for flashbacks
Professional photos from your event can also be used strategically on your social media sites after the event by using your customised hashtag and popular weekly hashtags like ‘throwback Thursday’ (#tbt) and ‘flashback Friday’ (#fbf). So rather than using all your event’s photos in one go a few days after the event, save a few for flashback Fridays instead.

Right from the start
It goes without saying that an active, innovative social media campaign prior to any event is critical for the success of the event itself as well as post-event marketing. Nonetheless, there is a boundless scope to the possibilities for leveraging an event’s marketing value after the event is over. You simply need to have the right elements in place before and during the event.

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