Is a Branded Web Series Right for Your Business?

Is a Branded Web Series Right for Your Business?

As you can see from our client testimonials, we know a thing or two about helping businesses harness the full potential of the online world. So, we’d like to highlight one of the most cutting-edge, successful strategies out there for getting, engaging and keeping your online target audience: creating a branded web series.

Firstly, online marketing today is increasingly focused on content; consumers have seen and heard enough of gimmicky ads flashing in the corner of the screen. Now, they’re asking businesses for something more in exchange for their undivided attention: information and entertainment. By creating content that caters to that demand, your brand can establish its expertise, build brand loyalty and keep its online audience hooked.

Video content is especially useful for getting your brand to stand out, and is naturally appealing to highly visual, notoriously impatient Internet users. However, once you’ve grabbed your audience’s attention, the next question is: how do you keep their attention to establish that all-important brand affinity and trust?

For many innovative businesses, the answer is serialising their video content. By creating a themed web series, or a web series with a single ongoing storyline, your viewers will be left wanting more, becoming increasingly engaged with your business the more they watch. It’s simply a brilliant opportunity to tell your business’ story, showcasing your brand identity and industry expertise.

What about cost?
The major deterrent for many is the misconception that producing a web series would cost a fortune and take months to create. However, all you need to produce a successful web series is any webcam or video recorder that can be hooked up to your computer, and a creative storyboard or script. Aside from that, there’s no need for actors, sets, or high-end production—just pure ingenuity.

As for putting your web series out there, Point and Stare has pinpointed Google+ as hands-down the best social network for sharing video content. Its unique microblogging format and Circles make it easy to share highly targeted videos and interact with viewers, but it’s the Google Hangouts on Air feature that really puts Google+ a cut above the rest.

The major plus about Google+
Google Hangouts on Air allows you to share live broadcasts, which can give your video blog a spontaneity that’s great for stimulating in-the-moment viewer interaction. Plus, you can broadcast corporate or promotional events as they’re happening; if you create and share your event on Google+, guests can even add their videos and photos to the event, instantly boosting engagement and generating major buzz. Then, your broadcast can be saved, edited and shared on any platform you like!

In short, a branded web series is right for every business, because every brand has a story to tell and knowledge to share. For more information on how we can help your online audience discover what you’ve got to offer, contact us at Point and Stare today.

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