If you’re toying with the idea of having a blog for your business website, picture this: you’re looking for tips on cooking a steak, so you do a quick Google search. Guess what? The vast majority of the results you find are going to be taken from blog posts – blog posts on websites that sell cooking utensils or supplies and that advertise packaged seasonings or sauces. See where we’re going with this?

Hook, line and sinker
Corporate blogs are a gateway to your website, and thus a gateway to your products or services. If cleverly written to include the right keywords and content, blog posts can serve as the bait needed to get potential customers onto your website and are enormously useful for boosting your site’s search engine optimisation (SEO).

Mutual benefits
Most important of all, the best corporate blogs include informative content on subjects related to a business’s products or services. By providing genuinely useful information for visitors, businesses can use blogs to establish their expertise in their niche industry and build brand affinity and loyalty in their online target audience.

This in turn encourages existing and potential customers to trust your business’s services or product, thereby boosting sales and generating revenue. What makes blogs even better is that they are a highly cost-effective marketing tool that will continue to benefit your business for as long as you like – blog posts can remain on your website indefinitely, benefiting your business for years to come.

Stay on point
Lastly, by maintaining a weekly corporate blog, you’ll have to stay on top of everything going on in your industry. This means you’ll always be on your toes and ahead of the curve when it comes to industry insights and staying aware of your competition.

With so much to be gained by both your blog visitors and your business, there’s really no reason to hesitate – contact us at Point and Stare today to get your custom corporate blog started today.