Checklist for a Good Business Website


A guideline for any businesses contemplating how to develop their website, or for business owners wondering how to enhance their online presence.

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Having an online presence is now a standard requirement for any business that wants to succeed, grow and make a name for itself. To establish an online presence that raises the profile of your business, while engaging your target audience and enhancing the marketability of your products or services, you need a carefully developed website that will make an impact.

So, to provide a guideline for any businesses contemplating how to develop their website, or for business owners wondering how to enhance their online presence, here’s Point and Stare’s checklist of what makes a good business website:

  • Flawless copy which is free of any errors is essential for any site, as it will guarantee that your business is perceived as professional and credible. A sloppily written website is the surest way to lose potential customers and damage your brand image.
  • All site content should be thoughtfully organised with a clear, logical structure to make the site as user-friendly as possible. Using professional, bold visuals, including images and videos where appropriate, will also heighten the appeal of your website and raise your brand’s profile.
  • Business websites should always be developed using fresh, contemporary designs in keeping with the latest web design trends, and reflecting the tone and style of your brand. Generally speaking, websites should be updated at least every 6 – 12 months to avoid getting out of date.
  • The only way your website will be able to build your online following and reach your target market is if it can be easily found in search engines. Having keyword-rich content and using URLs relevant to your product or service will allow search engines to find your site more easily and increase your website traffic.
  • With most people increasingly using smartphones and tablets instead of desktop computers, it’s critical for business websites to have mobile compatibility. Having a mobile, or responsive, version of your website is also more affordable than having a customised app for your business, so this is definitely something to be prioritised.
  • Any good website must be accessible for the widest possible range of operating systems, devices and people – this includes people with disabilities, such as colour-blindness, for example. Always be sure to verify with your designer that your site design and code adheres to accessibility guidelines.
  • Integrating social media into your website is particularly important for businesses. It allows you to build your online audience, promote your product or services on a variety of different platforms, and encourages user interaction with your business.

These are just a few of the website features that are imperative for any modern-day business. If you’re concerned that this seems like a lot of ground to cover, there’s no need to worry – with versatile and innovative web development tools like WordPress, building an impressive, effective business website can be easily done.

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