Hiring a business consultant is a great way for start-ups and SMEs to get off the ground and gain the skills they need to flourish. As the perfect complement to a passionate and ideas-driven company, a consultant can provide strategic, financial, marketing, acquisition, retention, recruitment and sales expertise that underpin every successful endeavour.
With a professional at hand to guide you through the boring (and stressful!) bits of business management, you can get on with what really matters: seeing your company take flight.

Here at Point and Stare, we offer consulting services in everything from growing your business online to attracting the right clients.

So, what is a business consultant?
Put simply, consultants are highly qualified professionals who can provide you with advice and guidance on your new business. They are experts in their fields, and have years of practical experience as industry and consultancy specialists (we have over 20 years online industry experience). From day-to-day tasks to strategy, they help you save time, avoid mistakes and stay motivated, working on a contract or project-by-project basis.
Point and Stare also advise on specific business challenges, such as how to choose the best SEO plugin or improve customer targeting, Facebook campaigns through to project management processes. This type of expertise is invaluable to business owners (whether you’re part of a start-up or a company that’s been established for years) as it can save you time, money and stress, as well as improving business results.

Why hire a Point and Stare consultant?
We know that your heart and soul goes into creating a business, and that this passion can quickly get swamped by the endless burdens of meeting targets, achieving growth and staying in the black. Hiring a Point and Stare business consultant is a great way to take a huge weight off your shoulders. We’ll guide you through the aspects of start-up life that you’re less confident with (and instil your workforce with the knowledge needed to tackle such issues in the future), or help an established business get over the hump it’s currently stuck at, making sure you never lose sight of why you started this amazing journey.

We’ll also help you look objectively at your aims and processes – something that can be tough when you’ve spent months or years coming up with a concept that you love. Our valuable outsider’s perspective will help you root out exactly what needs to change, identifying your business’s strengths and weaknesses, and helping your teams put a plan in place.

How does it work?
Working with a Point and Stare consultant is a simple process. We’ll determine exactly what you need help with, and deliver a bespoke service to achieve change. We’ll work closely with you, keeping a check on the business’s progress and motivating your teams. Before long, you’ll start to see the business results you desire.

If you’re ready to achieve growth and overcome your business challenges, contact us at Point and Stare today.