Facebook is an online social networking service with around 2 billion monthly active users (Q2 2017).

Point and Stare have been utilising Facebook effectively since 2006. By using Facebook as both a personal and brand destination we have both won and passed business, developed relationships and gained knowledge. This targeted Facebook page will inform you why your business needs to capitalise on Facebook and how we can help you to do just that.

Why should your business be on Facebook?

  • Targeted reach: Not only does Facebook give you access to over 1 1/2 billion potential followers, it’s a useful portal to syndicate your content to, grow your brand awareness and generally reach like-minded people in dedicated groups.
  • Up-to-the-minute customer connections: Facebook allows its users to interact with each other via its built-in messaging service. The messenger can also be embedded into external websites to allow use of the messenger as a customer communication tool.
  • A brilliant promotional tool: Recently live video streaming was introduced allowing anyone to watch an event in real time.
  • Brand awareness and loyalty: By directly engaging and interacting with your company’s Facebook followers, you can build a lasting sense of brand loyalty, while Facebook promotions and regular publishing on your company page increase your global brand awareness.

How Point and Stare can make your Facebook profile a success
While Facebook can bring your business all of the benefits listed above and more, the only way to make Facebook a truly efficient marketing tool is by understanding all of the ins and outs—from Facebook advertising, to ad targeting, as well as increasing ‘likes’ and shares.

Here at Point and Stare, we’re specialists in all aspects of building an online presence for businesses, including through social media. Whether you have an existing social media presence that could use some support, or if you’re starting out from scratch, we provide social media consulting, social media integration, content creation for your social media page or blog, and a whole lot more.

As you’ve seen from our Facebook profile, we know exactly how to craft a custom Facebook marketing strategy that works, creating compelling Facebook content for your profile that will engage and increase your follower base, and get your brand noticed. In line with your company’s requirements and branding, we can develop creative promotional Facebook campaigns like live video streaming, advertising and contests.

Our social media expertise means we can also show you how to use Facebook’s analytics tools and advertising options to your business’s advantage.

There’s virtually no limit to the opportunities Facebook presents for getting your brand out there, so contact us today to find out more on how we could give you the dynamic Facebook profile your business needs.