Social media networks have revolutionised the way our society functions. Whether it’s at home, on a lunch break, or at the supermarket, people are incessantly plugged into the online world. For businesses, this equates to a mammoth opportunity to expand their brand through promotion on social media. Yet how exactly do you increase your number of followers, likes and links and grow your brand on social networks?

Creative content
First of all, it is crucial to publish engaging and accurate content through your social media channels. Blogging on your website and then tweeting out the link is a low-cost and highly effective way of showcasing your brand to your customers. There are other ways, however, to gain a larger following with your content. Consider collaborating with others in your industry by writing a guest blog on another website, or alternatively by publishing a guest’s blog post on your own. This can then be mentioned across your different social media channels.

We would also urge you to be inventive and savvy with your titles; at Upworthy, the viral blogging platform, their contributors initially invent around 20 titles for their posts, which are then whittled down to roughly four. These four titles are then tested online before the article is published.

Make it exclusive
On networks such as Facebook, where your page must be ‘liked’ for someone to join in the discussion, create a community of ‘insiders’ by offering special deals, sharing behind-the-scenes content, and making your followers feel like they are part of your company. Also consider using a ‘refer a friend’ feature that will allow your community to invite other people in. This will create interest in your brand and increase your following.

Social media doesn’t sleep
Social media networks buzz 24/7, and if you are only involved during your nine-to-five then you will be missing out on a feast of opportunities to promote your brand.
In fact, social networks are often said to be most vibrant in the evening when people are relaxing after work and open to indulging in the new, interesting content that you have just created.

Everybody loves a freebie, and if all you have to do is ‘like’ a Facebook page or retweet a post then all the better. Yet if 200 people retweet your competition and all of these people have (a conservative) 200 followers, that is 4,000 people who could be viewing your brand, perhaps for the first time, thus expanding your brand awareness.

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