We all love Instagram, right, but, you can only access it using their app on your phone, right?
It’s great being able to upload directly from your phone to your Instagram account but, sometimes you just need a bit more control?
Typing out a decent description and a ton of hashtags, for example, can be time consuming.

Here’s a little secret – if you know how, you can access, and post to, Instagram using your desktop.

Here’s how:
Open up your browser and go to instagram.com – here you’ll just see the login screen, so, go ahead and login.
Instagram login screen

Once logged in you’ll see your feed but … there’s no way to actually post!
OMG, how will we survive!

Instagram desktop

And here’s the ‘little secret’
You can do this in any browser, but I’m using Chrome in this example:
Right click on the screen and select ‘inspect’ – this will open up the developer window.

Instagram developer view

At the top you’ll see the little ‘mobile’ icon (toggle device toolbar); click that then refresh – VoilĂ ! You’re now in mobile mode and, you’ll see the mobile toolbar at the bottom allowing you to post.

Instagram mobile view

So, there it is – a quick and easy way to use your desktop/ laptop to post to Instagram.
Don’t thank me, just carry on being brilliant.