In the chaos of today’s Internet era, it can be difficult to maintain a clean, accurate image for your brand that represents your company philosophy. Having a website for your business has become as necessary as having milk in your tea, and with such a large number of threads being spun on the World Wide Web it can be easy for your brand to become tangled up. With online activity raging at such a galloping pace, just how can you keep on top of your online brand and maintain the trusted reputation you have worked so hard to establish.

A professional, attractive website
Every man and his dog has a website these days, making it all the more crucial that your website is user-friendly, professional, and looking fantastic. Trying to do it yourself might seem exciting and economical, but in the end it will only prove to be time-consuming and highly frustrating. At Point and Stare, we are able to instil the personal factor and philosophy of your brand into a website that you will be proud to call your own.

Quality content
Having a website is great, but allowing it to stagnate through a lack of content is not. A blog, or the publication of articles, offers the opportunity to let a fresh stream of content flow through you website, making it more Google-friendly. In these posts, ensure that you produce high-quality, relevant and interesting content that will spark discussion, raise awareness of your brand and, ultimately, create interest in your business.

The advance of hackers and brandjackers means that you must always be one step ahead of the bad guys. In the first instance, secure your website against malicious hackers, but also protect the high-quality content that you are producing. If it is valuable, it is vulnerable, and it is worth employing the services of professionals who will ensure your brand will not be tarnished by cyber attackers. Point and Stare are able to offer a comprehensive security package that will not only take regular back-ups of all your website data, but will also monitor your website 24/7 for any suspicious activity.

The breakneck speed of the online world can be mindboggling, but don’t be fazed by this; gain an awareness of your company’s activity on social media by frequently keeping an eye on your chosen social media channels. It is also extremely important that you tackle any criticism, good or bad, that might arise on these platforms in a tactful and reasonable manner, demonstrating to your online followers that you are customer-focused and care about their experience with you.

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