As a business, we all need to be up with the latest marketing techniques and currently video is blasting its way around like there’s no tomorrow.
As a business there is currently no better route to take than creating a Facebook live.

A wha’?
In a nutshell, Facebook lives are instant video, created either from your mobile phone or a more complicated professional setup, broadcast directly onto the Facebook platform.
So essentially, you can create a video and it sits on your Facebook feed.

The start of the journey
I was speaking to somebody recently at a big networking event.
She’s just getting herself off the ground. Just getting her business going, and we’re talking about how she’s going to promote herself, her content.
She mentioned Facebook lives. I said well that’s a good place to start doing a Facebook live, but, what are you going to do with that content once you’ve got it? What are you gonna do with a Facebook live once it’s broadcast?

She said, “well it just sits on Facebook account and I’m going to tell people about it.” I said well okay. You’ve got this video and of course. That was it as far as she was concerned.

As far as I was concerned, there’s got to be more to it than that so I came up with a few tips of things you can do with that final product, the video.

So when you publish a Facebook live, you have a video file.
Afterwards you can save it, download it, upload it to your YouTube, Vimeo, on whatever video channels you want to.
From that, you can also export the audio and make a podcast out of it.
So you’ve also now got a podcast.

You can also get it transcribed, which is also useful because once you’ve uploaded it to YouTube, and wherever else, then you have access to subtitles as well.

Content, content, content
So now you have a video.
From that you’ve got a podcast.
And now you have it transcribed (text).

From the transcription you can produce a blog article (like this one) which you can then syndicate out to places like Medium, LinkedIn and obviously a Facebook article.

So, from a simple couple of minutes in a Facebook live, you’ve got all this other content that you can start using, start producing, start publishing and just pushing out all over the shop.

A little extra tip here: If you’re going to take all that content and then publish it as a blog article and then stick it on places like Medium, LinkedIn etc, adapt it slightly.
Adapt it for the audience that’s there. The audience at Medium for example, is different to an audience at LinkedIn. Which again is different to an audience at Facebook. And obviously don’t forget to tweet it out. So there’s a few ideas for you but if you want to find out how you can maximise your online presence even further, get in touch today.