We all know that Instagram is only good for two things: snaps of your snacks and selfies, right? Well, not necessarily. As fun as sharing that stuff is, Instagram can actually be harnessed to help your business grow. If you’re confused by filters, or simply don’t think that a mobile phone picture could help boost your business, then read on. These are our top tips for creating an Instagram account that will increase your online following.

Introduce yourselves
There’s nothing nicer than seeing that the business you’re following is made up of actual people. When it comes to social media, personality sells. Snap little videos introducing members of the staff to your followers, or show off what fun stuff is happening in the office.

Go behind the scenes
Seeing the process of how something is created is always interesting. If you’re doing a photo shoot or filming an advert, then take a picture to let your followers get closer to your brand.

It’s an event they’re unlikely to ever get to experience, and it helps people realise you’re more than just a corporation.

Hashtags can be used on Instagram for a number of great reasons. Ask your followers to hashtag them using your product, or even better how about setting up a competition that involves your product? If the entrants use a particular hashtag, all of the images will be there for you to view in the same place. A competition is a great way to make your customers feel involved as well as to raise brand awareness.

It’s all well and good having an Instagram account, but your next step is to link it up with your other online outlets. If you’ve got a website then consider adding an Instagram widget, or if you’ve got a Facebook page then be sure to post your pictures there as well.

Utilising Instagram is just one of the numerous ways that you can build an online presence that will benefit your business in the long term. If you’re interested in how displaying your social media feeds can help your brand during an upcoming event or function, then contact us to find out more.