As a unique business referral platform, LinkedIn possibly has the most unambiguous, targeted mission of all the social networks. Increasingly used as a go-to site for running checks on potential employees or service providers, and for connecting with countless industry professionals and potential customers, a well-developed LinkedIn profile could reap major benefits for small businesses.

Achieve maximum impact
One of the best things about LinkedIn is that it has far less user-generated content than other social networks like Facebook or Twitter, so your content has a much greater chance of getting seen and keeping your business top-of-mind, without the need to fork out extra cash for boosting posts or promoting tweets.

LinkedIn also has a smaller, more targeted user base—277 million users and counting, but still less than Facebook at 1 billion—so the content and status updates shared on your personal profile or company page will undoubtedly have a more significant impact and better organic reach.

Showcase what you have to offer
LinkedIn is a great tool for providing detailed, professionally presented information on your small business; again, this is due to the fact that LinkedIn isn’t striving for that fine balance between being purely social and being a marketing platform—it’s there for marketing and business networking.

Getting your employees to have well-rounded, detailed personal profiles, while ensuring your company page is comprehensive and regularly updated allows you to showcase your products or services, as well as the professionalism and achievements of your business. To this end, ensure that you and your employees make full use of the publications, professional gallery and projects section in your profiles.

Build awareness of your expertise
Not only will LinkedIn allow you to generate greater brand awareness through building your professional network, but it will also give you the opportunity to establish your business’s expertise in your niche.

LinkedIn profiles allow you to tag your skills and areas of expertise, so that potential customers can see and search for your capabilities at a quick glance. Additionally, LinkedIn’s many forums give you the chance to answer questions related to your industry. Users can then find your answers using the advanced Answers search feature, and will immediately earmark your business as reliable and professional. This also establishes your business as a source of trusted information, enhancing brand loyalty and affinity among potential and existing customers.

Seize the opportunity
As LinkedIn continues to grow in popularity, it has become an increasingly viable means of getting new customers, outsourcing reliable service providers, and finding highly recommended job candidates. So rather than establishing your business presence on LinkedIn as an afterthought, seize this opportunity to get your business noticed and to start building your network today.

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