As a business, even if your clients are international, you need to also consider the local market.

Searches for ‘your industry, your location’ are widely performed and displaying relevant, comprehensive information is crucial to being chosen over your competitors.

Local SEO is all about communicating to the search engines, Google, Bing etc, the local relevance of your business and your website in general.

How to be found online with local SEO
Adding as much relevant, up to date information as possible is key to being found when a local search is performed, across many portals especially when this information is usually cross referenced by other search engines.
In a basic sense, the more you tell everyone about your business, the more of an online presence you build up, the more your message is available to be found.

Here are 5 top places to post about your business to get yourself found online, locally:

1, Google My Business
Google My Business is a free service operated by Google that allows business owners to supply information that can show up in a Google search, such as business name, address, phone number, (NAP).
Google may also combine the info you provide with sources, including your own website.

2, Bing Places
Bing Places for Business is similar to GMB (above) as it is a free service that enables businesses to add their listings to Bing.
Bing will display the information added to Bing Places for Business when searching Bing and Bing Maps.

3, Yelp Business page
Yelp is another service providing businesses with a free suite of tools to showcase their business.
A Yelp business user account allows you to connect with customers who have written Yelp reviews for your business.

4, FreeIndex
FreeIndex is one of the most detailed sources of business information in the UK with around 1.5 million registered members.
On FreeIndex, businesses are listed in rating order, so it’s easy to see which companies are recommended. As the name suggests, it’s free to add your own business.

5, Scoot/ Touch Local
Scoot and Touch Local operate the largest online only business directory network in the UK, with 400+ websites under their belt.
Like all the others, it’s free and easy to add your business and also offer a range of paid for services.

What’s the plan?
Initially setting up accounts on all these platforms will take time and will become tedious, fast.
If you’ve got access to a PA/VA or simply have a bit of time on your hands, you can do much worse than invest into getting your local SEO up to scratch.
If you simply don’t have the staff or the time, then we can handle all this for you.

Depending on what subscription you choose, you will have access to:
Initial analysis including technical SEO: Making sure your website is correctly set-up for SEO, important pages are indexed and the site in general is accessible on both desktops and mobile phones.
Content audit: Do you publish content online, is it working for you, where is it being seen? Regular, fresh and original content published on your website is key to drawing in visitors and making sales.
Content syndication: Publishing to your website is great, but, syndicating that content out to other platforms can significantly help build your audience.
Monitor, optimise and report: Each month you will receive an outline of tasks undertaken, platforms approached and test new trends.

The benefits of doing all this:
Can deliver long term business growth
Improves customer relations and loyalty
Increases user engagement and trust
Cost effective and time saving
Ideal when combined with planned PPC/ direct advertising campaigns

Let’s get you noticed
The next step is to get in touch. We will then go through the process with you, outline anything needed to start and then we can get rolling.

Phone us right now – 020 3319 7857 – and let’s get your local SEO sorted.