Moderated Twitter walls

Live, fully branded, fully moderated Tweet walls for your event.
Capture the live power of one of the world’s largest social networks and make your event truly interactive.
By using your very own hashtag, Point and Stare brings instant Twitter updates right into the heart of your event by live broadcasting your Tweet wall directly onto screens around your venue.

We want your event to go off as smoothly as possible – the last thing you need are dodgy tweets displaying all over your social media efforts.
With the unique AmazeWall moderation system you have complete control over the what is, and importantly, what isn’t displayed.

Moderated Tweet wall preferences:
Using the in-built settings screen, administrators can control elements like the amount of tweets to list as well as words and users blacklisting.

The moderated tweets preferences screen

Manual Twitter stream Moderation:
Our unique system allows you to control the speed of tweets that are posted, when you’re ready click to just fetch more tweets to moderate, auto publish tweets or simply publish/ delete to your hearts desire.

Wait! I published something that shouldn’t be published!
No problem, just delete it from the published tweet list and it’s automatically removed from the wall.

Moderation Tweet wall controls

Automatic Tweet wall publishing:
Ready for more tweets? Click to retrieve and publish more tweets or just choose the automatic stream.

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