It seems like every time we switch on the news nowadays there’s yet another story about a group of hackers gaining access to our details through big websites, or of a website losing data without having had a backup disk. Worries about online security are evidently at the forefront of many people’s minds. Losing your website data can easily happen and hacking threatens confidential data. This is why Point and Stare offer a comprehensive package that backs up all of your website data, as well as monitoring for any suspicious activity.

Our WordPress maintenance packages are both optional and flexible, and won’t have any effect on the services that we’re already providing to you. There’s no fixed contract; you can simply pay monthly, and choose to stop whenever you wish to. We also offer a variety of different cover levels, meaning you won’t be paying over the odds for services that you don’t feel your particular website needs.

Your Options
So just what are your options, and how will they benefit you? Our most basic package includes monthly backing up of all your WordPress files, including your website theme, images and database as well as updating the WordPress core files, your plugins and scripts. Even our most inexpensive package will ensure a decent level of safety and security is maintained on your site, as well as giving you peace of mind that there are backup copies of your data available.

If you’re looking for something a little more comprehensive, then we can also offer our time to provide updates to your current site, including text corrections, file uploads, and social feed checking. If you want, your package can also include time spent on the phone or in a Hangout with us, going through any site problems that you might be having or offering advice and suggestions.

When you choose which package to use, it’s important to consider how much cover you think your website realistically needs. If your site is constantly being updated and you need daily backups created, then this is something we can offer. Your website is more likely than not a vital marketing component of your business, so think carefully about the protection that it needs.

The Solution
If you’re interested in securing your site, then take a look at our WordPress Maintenance Packages to discuss which package will suit your needs best. Our prices start from £80 per month, so whatever you need there’s guaranteed to be a price bracket that will be suitable for you.