Set me up before you go-go

A few years ago setting up a company was a long drawn-out process but with the invention of the online world everything has become much easier.
From registering the company, buying stock, taking orders, the whole lot can be done online.

OK. I have an idea … now what do I need?
Well essentially all you really need is a website and some business cards BUT once you get up and running you soon get busy (hopefully) and before you know it you’re sitting in a meeting with your biggest client and the phone rings … it’s your other biggest client … so what do you do?
It’s rude to ask everyone in the room to hold on while you ‘take this call’ so the next best option is to get yourself a telephone answering service.

Another reason to get an answering service is that you’ve essentially bought into the services of a receptionist and therefore giving the impression that you are bigger than you really are – not just the 1 man band working out of your bedroom.

So, who rings your bell?
There are many telephone answering services around but we’ve always found the guys at JAM the most professional, helpful and cost effective.
With JAM your calls are answered in your company name by a human 24/7 making it an extremely cost effective way of giving your business a more professional image.

As soon as you’ve finished the meeting with your best client, give JAM a call.