At Point and Stare we have been aware for a long time of the massive impact that modern social media can, and does, have on our everyday lives – even if we never use it.
We have been involved in setting up bespoke Twitter robots, registering clients on over 500 social media networks and even writing A-Z and top 10 lists on the subject.

We have all been using social media since we were around 2 years old – talking – now we all use tools like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Digg, to name a few, without batting an eyelid.

The tools of social media are growing and changing every minute and to be on top of the game takes discipline and skill.
On each project where Social Media is a requirement, we can bring to the table many qualities such as research, knowledge and trust and are well aware of the need to research, test and test again.

One area of social media that is regularly under-used is monitoring.
You’re putting a fair amount of time, and possibly money, into establishing your social presence but without monitoring it’s pretty much wasted.

Some of the basics that you should be doing:
1, Within your Google account you should see a link to Google Alerts – if you cannot see it simply go to and run a basic check.
Set up correctly, Google Alerts will send you emails at regular intervals – you can choose either once a week/ day, or ‘as it happens’ – with information about your chosen keywords.

2, Set up company accounts on YouTube and Flickr and add relevant content – product shots or ‘how to’ videos are very welcome.
Also weekly/ monthly brand keyword search will allow you to ‘favourite’ any results that are found.

3, Claim your name on Facebook and Twitter. Sign up on Facebook and Twitter and set-up company profiles. Again using keywords, photos, videos etc to express yourself.
Perform a regular search on and for references to your brand/ company.

These are very basic starting points that we use on all client projects so please get in touch to discuss your options in more detail.