When asked by clients ‘how can I get the message across that I am the best in what I do?’ I cheekily reply, ‘just put it on your website’.
Although I say it with a wry smile, of course, it’s not as simple as just writing ‘The Best WordPress Agency in London’, you need to prove it as well.

If you’ve built your website using a CMS you can simply change a page title or description in the SEO settings to reflect what you want to be found on search engines for, but, naturally that’ll only get you so far.

So, what else is needed? Here’s a few tips to help you on your way.

Without original, regular, fresh content search engines will not have more food to index. The less they index, the further down the rankings you go.
The content you publish should also show the world you mean business, you know what you’re talking about and can prove it.
This content has to be relevant to your product or service – industry highlights, ‘how to’ and hints and tips, like this article, are best.

Telling or listening?
It’s one thing writing and publishing all these articles but, if you’re not actually listening to feedback and/ or questions you may receive then it’s just a broadcast.
The method of delivery is also key.
I always recommend publishing an article firstly on your main business website.
Then, if you have one, send out the information to your mailing list/ subscribers (possibly automated).

Once the dust has settled then you can look at syndicating the article out to various social media platforms.
But, don’t just automate the same content, but, repurpose and think about where it’s going and how it’s delivered.

Posting to your Facebook page should be handled differently to posting on LinkedIn and different again to how you post to Twitter.

Don’t just automate across everywhere, say your thing and be prepared to respond – check back regularly and make time to respond professionally.

Part of running a successful business comes down to your love of the product/ service and your confidence to sell it. Don’t publish something that you’re not proud of, have the confidence to back-up and enjoy talking about.
People are not stupid, like animals, they can sense fear and can smell through bullshit.

Be prepared to deviate from what you believe. If enough people tell you ‘that font is too small’ (as an example) then take the time to test different options. Accept you do not know everything and be accepting of learning every single day.

End goal is not the end goal
Being clear about the message you’re looking to get across is key to, well, getting that message across.
Start with an end in mind, a purpose, a clear call to action, if relevant, or indication on the next step.

Publishing a piece of content is never the final chapter – we need to strive to continue publishing useful advice, stories and general content constantly. After all, change is constant and your audience needs updating, regularly.

If you need help with your content or are struggling to prove that you’re the best, get in touch today.