What stops you from just going for it, from just saying yes, from stepping just outside your norm?
The fear of failing can be painful, paralysing, demoralising and the fear of failing again after a big hit is much worse.
If none of us ever grabbed ourselves by the balls and took that initial step forward we’d all be wishing we had.

But what if? Do you have the courage to say ‘YES’ to your next project before panic starts to creep in?

We all fail perfectly
Without failure, you don’t learn, without learning, you don’t grow.
Learning from failure will help you pull through quickly both emotionally and psychologically and improve your chances of winning next time.
We failed because of what? Our timing was out? We took bad advice? The product wasn’t perfect?

Sometimes we strive to be perfect until perfection takes a negative toll on us, our business or our relations.
The reality is that most of us are scared of failing so we try to make perfection the goal or even use perfection as the excuse to put the launch back.
People can be determined at all cost to be perfectionists then end up failing no matter how hard they try, no matter how much cash they spend, no matter the other sacrifices they’ve made. The danger of waiting for perfectionism is that it comes with side effects that have a psychological burden on the success of businesses and personal lives.

Plasters give confidence
If you have challenged yourself to be better emotionally, physically, creatively, at some point, you will trip. The courage to pick yourself up and move on is the trick but there is no magic if you don’t also learn. Whatever name you prefer to give failure – a gift, a mistake, a lesson – it does not change the fact that it is going to happen often in our lives. Don’t let failure dictate your [e]motion. Get up and continue running while the fear is still fresh and the grazed knee is still sore – lesson = carry a plaster next time.

The more we learn, the more competent we are going to be in our life and in business.
When lessons are learned and expertise is built, confidence to fail is gradually developed too.