Point and Stare has designed your beautiful website; it’s speedy, sharp and visually sound – a testament to your business and a corner of the Internet you’re proud to call your own. So, what’s next? Copy.

You need clever and carefully crafted copy that will carry your reader arm in arm in a gleeful skip to your desired destination – be it a contact form, shopping cart or email sign-up box.

Easy, right?
For those already calling upon painful memories of English GCSE and Googling ‘writing tips’ faster than you can say ‘SEO’, don’t sweat – a professional can have you copy confident in no time. Here, we give three reasons not to skimp on copywriting costs.

1. Search Engine Optimisation
An advertising revolution, a necessary buzzword and three niggling letters at the back of every business owner’s mind, SEO demands fresh content and savvy social media. Love or hate it, your website needs SEO.

However, gone are the days of keyword stuffing and cunningly crafting websites for your own back-linking benefits. Google’s latest algorithm crawlers have smartened up and are now calling for (and crediting) consistent, quality content.

For this reason, it’s vital that your copy reads for an audience first and a search engine second. It needs to be easy to read, non-repetitive, and forge genuine, organic links and shareability among other sites in your field.

2. Proofreading
Nothing makes a copywriter want to cry more than seeing a brilliant, well-thought out website let down by god-awful grammar, poor punctuation and sloppy spelling. Errors like these will reflect badly on your business. After all, if you can’t be bothered to perfect your website content, why should potential customers assume you will up the ante for your services? Don’t forget, proofreading is the difference between knowing your shit and showing you’re shit – and we know which category we’d rather fall into!

In perspective, a fantastic website with clumsy copy is like drinking champagne from a plastic cup through a straw. Just don’t ruin it.

3. Be Heard
The Internet is a vast, expansive space with hundreds of thousands of businesses competing for the top spot. This means that once found, it’s crucial that your website retains your reader, grabbing their attention and invoking interest to make them respond to your all-important call to action.

What’s more, as writing for digital greatly differs from print, you need to consider nuances such as what copy belongs ‘above the fold’, scan patterns and A/B testing – it’s no myth that a single word can make the difference between making a sale or being left for a competitor.

With this in mind, it is best to hire a professional copywriter for your website content, ideally one with a strong marketing background – as the old saying goes, you’re only as good as your word.

For sales-boosting website copy, fresh articles or original blog posts, get in touch with the team and Point and Stare today.