Over the past few years, the #hashtag has become ubiquitous. It’s no longer just Twitter that utilises the trending topic, but Facebook, Instagram and now even LinkedIn all making use of hashtags on their platforms as well. Turn on almost any television show imaginable, from reality TV, to political discussions, and you’ll be invited to join in the conversation via a hashtag. So what’s the appeal, and should you care about it?

The appeal of the hashtag is threefold. Firstly, a simple hashtag allows users to search for other users who are discussing the same content as they are. This works particularly well on Twitter, where often users are seeking out others who are interested in the same subjects, or need a question answered on a specific topic. On Instagram, a similar thing happens, whereby the images that appear will relate to the hashtag you search for. Putting a few relevant hashtags on Instagram can also lead to more likes and follows, increasing your brand visibility. Can’t complain at that!

Secondly, the hashtag allows for a conversation to take place. Word of mouth fuels social media and can fuel the promotion of your brand. If users are chatting about your brand using a specific hashtag, then it brings a sense of community to what would otherwise be a group of strangers. Their common interest is you, the brand, so they’ll probably be talking about you. Free publicity!

Lastly, if the hashtag gets popular it can begin to ‘trend’. This means that your specific phrase or word has gained enough mentions that it has become the most talked about thing in either your country, or even the world. This is great for publicity, as if something trends on Twitter then even more users are likely to click on the hashtag and see what’s being talked about. So remember to make your hashtag a catchy one!

Twitter is one of the best and most effective ways to get your customers involved with your brand. Conversation is free, it raises awareness, and it can be great for business. If you want to bring the conversation to the forefront at your next big event, then get in touch with us for an unforgettable social experience.