For business owners, it’s no secret that managing all of Google’s various business features can be a little overwhelming—from Google+ for Business, to Maps for Business, Google Local, and everything in between, there’s a lot to stay on top of.

Realising that their business customers were getting a bit perplexed by all the Google bases they had to cover, Google has launched Google My Business, which will now serve as Google’s primary destination for local businesses previously on Google+ for Business and Pages for Business.

We have to admit that we’re duly impressed by this new, very user-friendly Google umbrella, so we’ve compiled our top five reasons why your business should join Google My Business if you haven’t already.

1. Easy to manage: Google My Business consolidates all of Google’s tools for businesses in one location, so it’s now infinitely easier to manage your business’s online presence. With its Android and iOS app, you can also use all of Google’s business tools on the go, from any mobile device.

2. Custom insights: Thanks to full AdWords Express integration, Google My Business allows you to analyse your business’s data to identify trends on views and clicks, giving you a better understanding of how people find and interact with your business online.

3. Connect better with customers:

4. Make business information more searchable: Since you can use Google My Business across all of your devices, not only is it easier to manage your business’s profile, but customers can also find your business more easily. As all of Google’s tools such as Maps and Local are consolidated, this means customers can now easily access useful information on your business all in one place—from opening hours to directions, and click-to-call phone numbers—from absolutely any device.

5. Showcase your products and services: Along with sharing updates and key information on your business, you can also set your brand apart, as Google My Business allows you to incorporate bold images, feature top reviews, and add videos and virtual tours.

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