With technology constantly evolving and offering up more and more innovative and exciting website development and graphic design tools, 2014 is an exciting time for web design. This year promises captivating new design trends that will engage, fascinate and inspire your online audience.

To whet your appetite for what you can expect when browsing the Internet, here are a few of 2014’s web design trends that we can’t wait to see more of.

• Flat design
Flat user interfaces with clean, uncluttered designs are fast becoming all the rage. This sleek, simple look allows your website to achieve maximum impact and is a favourite of most clients.

• Mobile-friendly designs
With smartphones and tablets selling like hot cakes, it’s become a necessity for websites to be mobile-friendly—but this doesn’t just mean having a mobile version of your website. We expect to see designs that focus on responsiveness and the use of scrolling to accommodate the swiping action used on touch-screen phones and tablets. This means we’ll be seeing lots more parallax, horizontal, column-based and infinite scrolling in the future.

• Richer, more varied content
Websites are increasingly featuring less and less copy, and more varied, engaging content.
You’ll be sure to see the increased use of infographics, videos, images, interactivity and scrolling to create a more dynamic user experience. In fact, brief video presentations are also earmarked to become increasingly popular this year as an alternative to lots of descriptive or explanatory text.

• Improved typography and images
With more high-quality, affordable fonts available than ever before, web designers are getting more creative with their typography and moving away from the traditional fonts like Arial and Times New Roman. Websites in 2014 are therefore sure to showcase more varied, responsive typography along with the increased use of mix-and-match fonts. As for images, these are also expected to become bigger, bolder and much more high-quality.

These are just a few of the design trends that are already taking off, just a few months into the year we’re sure there’ll be much more to come, and we can’t wait to see and do it all. To find out more on how we can develop or upgrade your website using the latest design trends, contact us today.