In what looks to be a savvy move from Twitter, the social media giant has decided to change its advertising model in order to look more like the one that Facebook currently uses. Rather than using the cost-per-engagement model that they previously had, they will instead be allowing advertisers to pay for specific actions.

These actions will include app installs and follows, meaning that Twitter is essentially promising results from their advertising space in a way that they have never done before.

The advertiser only pays up when a user takes an action that furthers their campaign. For example, if you were looking to gain more followers and your advertising leads to this, then that’s when you’d start to pay.

Blatant advertising of this sort has been used for a while now on social media platforms; however, it’s not for everybody, as it’s a little too close to the traditional advertising model that we’re used to on TV and billboards. Not only that, but if you’re a smaller business or just starting out, then you might not be able to afford to pay. The secret to great advertising is arguably when the end user doesn’t know they are being advertised to.

There are plenty of ways that social media platforms can be used as an effective advertising space without paying for the privilege, and without potentially irritating followers. Simply by engaging with your audience and posting great content, you can easily build up a loyal following. Creating a brand that inspires loyalty takes time, but is ultimately more effective in the long run. Twitter and Facebook might be powerful online platforms, but the human touch is still appreciated.

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