As you’ll no doubt know, in business one minute you’re totally booked solid (the client needs it done yesterday, which, incidentally, is the exact same time the other clients also need their work delivered), the next you’ve spent all day on Facebook – peaks and troughs.

My thinking is that you can either waste this ‘free’ time or use it wisely.
I prefer to use what little ‘downtime’ I do have to drive for more ‘uptime’.

So, here are a few things you can do when you have nothing better to do.

Search something
Go to Twitter, click ‘Search’ and then search for a relevant phrase to your business.
An easy search for me would be something like ‘we’re looking to redevelop our website’. That’s very generic, but it’s just an example.
Go to Twitter, click ‘Search’ and then search for someone you want to collaborate with.
Example, I’m looking to collaborate with design agencies in London, so, I could search for ‘design agency in London’ then follow through to their profiles to see if they fit the bill.
Go to Twitter, click ‘Search’ and look for companies that you’re looking to work with, follow them and see what conversations they start and see if you can contribute.

Write something
Article writing is a sure fire way to attract attention, and, when done right, can drive quality traffic back to your website.
Over the years, we’ve published many articles at Point and Stare and over time these also get re-purposed and syndicated out to relevant social platforms.
I use a Google Sheet to keep track of where and when an article is published and re-purposed which currently stands at 9 platforms, not including other company websites.
I’m currently writing this while waiting for my sons’ Kung Fu class to finish – downtime to uptime.
Going slightly off-topic for a second – if you think 9 platforms is a bit much to handle: 1 – I’m not using as many as I could, 2 – There are tools that can help you with this and 3 – If in doubt, outsource.

Market something
Networking is best done when you don’t need the business as networking should be treated as marketing, not sales. That said, you still need to be present especially when you have plenty of time on your hands as then you’ll have more time to continue networking after the event, arrange further meetings or spend time being social.

Another thing you can do, marketing wise, is post on a few public business forums, like 4Networking, as this raises your profile even more.

Think about it – why do Coke, McDonalds or DFS need to spend thousands of dollars on marketing each year? To be there when you need them and that time could be anytime.

Live something
No meetings today? Do you really need to go to the office?
Why not have breakfast with the family and work from home while the kids are at school, then pick them up and go for a treat?

So, to recap, make sure that even when you’ve nothing to do, you have something to do.
You can either sit in your underpants aggressively waiting for the phone to ring or you can get off your arse.
Either way, the choice is yours.