One nice little earner when it comes to Google searches is the ‘near me‘ search for local businesses.

What is ‘near me‘?
Let’s presume you’re sitting at home on your phone and decide you need to find the nearest plumber.
So, you open up your browser and search for ‘plumbers near me‘.
Using Google, a lot of these searches will be ads, but, sprinkled in between will be ‘other’ plumbers also within close proximity to your current location.

Similarly, you might be visiting somewhere you’re not used to, you get a puncture and need a garage – again you can search for ‘garages near me‘. The returned result will have a local aspect ensuring you can get the problem fixed, quickly.

Your potential customers are in need of something and they want it now so where is your business on the list of local Google results?

As a premium web consultation, design and development agency, Point and Stare have worked extensively with businesses building up their online presence especially when it comes to ecommerce and selling online.
For the the main part we use WordPress as a content management system (CMS) utilising WooCommerce, and Shopify amongst other platforms for our client ecommerce stores.

If your business serves a specific locale, you need ensure you are targeting the ‘near me‘ listings.

As a business, you need to be selling online and no matter if you are selling a course, club memberships, physical items like kitchen equipment, baked goods or even sports equipment we can handle it.

If your business is not yet selling online, or if you need some help ensuring your online store features in ‘near me‘ searches, get in touch today.