Previously I published the article ‘Reasons why being the boss is the best‘ so, now I am counteracting that with the flip side of the ‘boss coin’ but, as you’ll see, the underlying message remains very similar.

Don’t get me wrong, being in charge is really the only way I can work, (would you seriously employ me! (rhetorical)), but it can be testing, stressful and even educational. As long as you know how to control it you should be fine.

If you’re looking to start up your own business read the other article first but, in the meantime, here are a few reasons why being the boss is the worst.

Little Princess is appearing as the Good Fairy in the school play.
Problem is you’re expected, no, you HAVE to be there but you also have a VIP meeting right bang in the middle of the performance.
What to do, what to do?
In all seriousness, arrange to meet the client locally, then why not invite them along to the show and buy them some of the delicious home made delicacies available in the break while introducing them to some of your connections?
It’ll enable you to keep the Princess happy and show your softer side to the client.

You need to be adaptable and accessible.
Although being able to grab the latest ipad every time they release a new version is cool, is it really necessary? Can the company income justify it? But your clients expect you to be up to date on every aspect – after all, they’ll come to you for advice on such matters so you’ll need to be ready.
But, hold back, only make financial decisions based on what you need, not on what your eyes desire.
At the same time, when making staff purchases, go with what they also need, don’t be a tight-arse and don’t buy cheap – it will cost you more in the long run.

It’s been snowing all night, and you know that catching public transport will be a PITA.
Problem is, you still need to get to the office as you forgot to take home the USB stick with those files on. So you grudgingly accept having to jump on the bus and stand clamped to the bloke sniffing his flu covered face off.
Of course, you could grab a taxi but then you’ll be stuck in traffic having to listen to stories of “you’ll never guess who I had in my cab last week …”.
So, why go to the office anyway? Because other staff members will have made the journey in and you have to show respect.

Choose you
Ultimately a sick boss is no use to anyone and neither is a narcissist. As the boss, you need to lead, not just, well … boss. Listen, enthuse and encourage.
Being the boss can be the worst job ever, but, it can also equal an educationally rewarding role.
Choose wisely and remember – Me, Family, Work – in that order.