Social giant Twitter have just revealed their new native video feature. Users are now be able to record, edit, and post video directly to their feed using the Twitter app.

This is big news for both advertisers and users. Previously, users would have had to use a site like Vine to post video to Twitter, meaning that this new feature will be a total game changer. Advertisers are now able to generate six-second video previews, which will autoplay on people’s feeds. The autoplay feature can mean big things for advertisers, as it gives them much more of an opportunity to grab a potential customer’s attention than any sponsored tweet ever could.

The goal for Twitter is obviously to get users shooting and sharing their videos, thus increasing overall use of the site. When you look at the popularity of Vine or Instagram it’s no wonder they’re eager to jump on the video bandwagon.

However, it isn’t just the big shots like Coca-Cola and Audi who will benefit from native video on Twitter. Now new feature has launched, those using Twitter to engage with visitors at a conference or event should also see increased participation. Simply add your chosen hashtag to the video tweet, and voila… a timeline of videos, pictures, and messages, all giving a different perspective on the day’s events.

Of course, sharing video between individual feeds is all well and good, but a large event needs more coverage. To guarantee your day is being broadcast to those you want it to be seen by, consider using a Tweet Wall. The wall offers a live projection of the tweets that contain your chosen hashtag, adding an interactive element to your event, as well as encouraging users to engage with your brand.

If you’re interested in adding something a little extra to an upcoming conference or event, then get in touch with our team at Point and Stare in order to find out more about the benefits of a Tweet Wall.