Social networking can be a brilliant way of improving your brand or company’s online presence, connecting with your target market, and placing your brand on the map. However, a poorly managed social media profile can also be extremely detrimental to a corporate or individual public image, with potentially far-reaching negative repercussions.

A pornographic Twitter fiasco
Across the pond in the US, Carlos Martinez, pitcher for the St Louis Cardinals baseball team, recently experienced the backlash of badly handled social media when he embarrassed himself and his team by filling his Twitter wall with pornographic posts. After the media reported on Martinez’s unsavoury tweets—much to the dismay of his mortified team—the sportsman cleaned up his profile in an effort to make amends. Unfortunately, however, the damage to his brand image as an athlete has already been done.

Recent incidents involving the hijacking of Starbucks’ and Marks & Spencer’s promotional hashtags by indignant Twitter users also serve as proof that social media profiles need to be properly managed and monitored if businesses want them to work as effective marketing tools. If not, having active social media accounts could easily backfire.

Proceed with care—and professional expertise
Using social media with creativity and caution will not only help your business’ profiles stand out from the millions of other business profiles out there, but it will also protect you from the kinds of damaging incidents described above. At Point and Stare, this is our speciality: our live and fully interactive Twitter Wall and Instagram Feed blend ingenuity and security by allowing businesses to use social media in a way that’s different and intriguing, while also moderating all user posts.
This is because we know that having a social media account is not enough to promote your business or develop your brand identity on its own; social networks are merely tools that need to be implemented intelligently and strategically in order to achieve your marketing objectives.

To find out more on how we can help you harness the full potential of social media while shielding your business from unnecessary negative backlash, contact us at Point and Stare today.