The holy grail, presently, of being online is to drive more traffic to your website. You can spend £50 or £50,000 but if no-one visits it’s a bit pointless.

When putting your online strategy together remember that building your website is one thing, making it pay for itself is another. Any old traffic is good but you really need to narrow it down to required, relevant traffic, those visitors that require your services or products.

If content is King then traffic is Queen?

“How do I drive free traffic to my website?” Here’s the Point and Stare top 10 tips.

1, Blog up yourself
Set up a free blog at or Blogger or both. Write a small piece about you/ your company and link keywords back to your main site. But remember no duplicate content.

2, Twitter ye lots
If you haven’t already, you need to grab yourself a Twitter account. in fact, set up a few with relevant keywords to your industry.

3, Foursquare or be square
Have you loaded your location in foursquare? Locals will find you easier if they check in nearby, also load up your profile with keywords.

4, Google localisation
Do you have local clients? Then advertise the fact on Google My Business. Lots of searches these days are for phrases like ‘industry and town’. Make sure you’re included in the results.

5, Email signature
How many emails do you send out each day? Make sure each and every, relevant, one is sent from your company account and includes your URL in the signature.

6, Write articles
If you haven’t already, set up a blog within your site and regularly write industry relevant articles. Become an authority on the subject and tweet about it.

7, Forum signatures
Check the signature rules on forums and use them to your advantage. Include keywords and link to specific pages within your website.

8, Free stuff
You’ve written a shed load of articles so why not offer them as a free PDF download. Build the PDF, write an article and tell everyone about it.

9, Network like crazy
Check your local FSB, 4Networking, BNI etc for local networking events and go along with a handful of business cards and a smile.

10, Write top 10 lists
People love lists, however irrelevant. After all, this list brought you here!

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