Recently, the English Sports Council kicked off its ‘This Girl Can’ marketing campaign to encourage women of all shapes to exercise. Using just the right amount of humour to create a hugely popular viral video that was funny, endearing and original, the campaign served as yet another reminder of just how effective humour is for social marketing.

Here, we look at five reasons why humorous marketing campaigns work especially well on social media, whether it’s through funny hashtags on an Instagram feed or a side-splitting viral video.

Feel-good marketing
Rather than using gloom-and-doom tactics or presenting dull facts, funny social media content draws people in by making them laugh. This instantly triggers positive emotional responses and a feel-good association with your brand, making humour one of the most persuasive marketing tactics around.

More shares and likes
It’s no secret that funny memes and videos get more shares than any other content on social media, for the simple reason that people love to laugh. A testament to the marketing power of humour is the YouTube video advert by modest start-up, Dollar Shave Club. With zero production budget, the company’s simple clip got close to 20 million views and became a global advertising phenomenon—all because it was undeniably hilarious.

Be memorable
Funny social media content can make even the most unexciting products and services completely memorable. Humour is what makes Axe’s deodorants unforgettable; it’s what sets Geiko’s insurance services apart; it even makes Charmin a memorable brand of toilet roll thanks to Twitter hashtags like “#tweetfromtheseat“.

Create a bond
Laughing together is social, so humour naturally forges connections. This is where witty hashtags are particularly useful, especially when featured on live Tweet Walls at corporate events; when your followers or event attendees use your hashtag to join in on the joke, it builds a sense of community and brand loyalty.

Content followers want to see
Funny campaigns are incredibly effective on social platforms because they employ a less abrasive form of marketing. You’re able to sell your brand without being overt and this works wonderfully in a social media context where followers don’t want to be inundated with marketing spam.

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