How to Get a More Relevant Twitter Following


The second largest social network in the world, Twitter is an online marketing tool that every business should strive to master.

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The second largest social network in the world, with vast global influence and infinite marketing possibilities, Twitter is an online marketing tool that every business should strive to master. However, before you can unleash any of your social media marketing campaigns, you need Twitter followers who will actually respond to those campaigns and benefit your business.

Like any marketing endeavour, increasing your Twitter following in your target market requires a strategic approach. Below are our top tips for building your business’ Twitter audience using handy technological tools, clever search tactics and good old common sense.

  • A clear, precise description of your business on your profile will encourage a following that is actually interested in your products or services. Avoid vague or confusing language that will discourage the right users from following you, or that could make your business appear unprofessional.
  • Include your city or location in your business’s Twitter bio if possible, as this will encourage people with a connection to your area to follow you. This naturally increases the likelihood that your interaction with these users will convert into tangible benefits like new customers and higher revenue.
  • To ensure that your followers are relevant to your business and marketing goals, seek out, follow and engage with Twitter users whose profiles and bios show them to be a part of your target group. Google Alert and other useful tools like ManageFlitter and Mention allow you to conduct keyword searches of user content and to filter user bios, so you can find the most relevant users for your business. Engaging with random people who aren’t part of your target audience will make your marketing efforts less effective.
  • Create quality content that is relevant to your brand and that will generate greater awareness of what you have to offer. Tweeting at least five times a day at peak usage times will also maximise the visibility of your content and encourage the growth of your following.
  • Use hashtags intelligently, and your Twitter audience in your target demographic could easily soar. Highly recommended hashtag strategies include the use of customised hashtags and having a live interactive Twitter wall at your corporate events to encourage attendees to tweet with your customised hashtag. This is a great promotional tactic for before, during and after any business event.
  • In addition to using customised hashtags, your daily tweets should include relevant and trending hashtags that your target market would use for searches. Using random hashtags that users are unlikely to search for won’t serve any marketing purpose.

The above are our top tips for getting a substantial and relevant Twitter following. We also happen to be experts in using interactive screens featuring live Twitter and Instagram feeds as brilliant promotional tools at corporate events. To find out more on how our fully branded and customised social dashboards could build your social media following and promote your business, contact us at Point and Stare today.