We all know that social media has become increasingly important in order for us to successfully grow our businesses. Twitter is often cited as one of the best resources available to us due to how easy it makes it to personally interact with customers – but what other platforms should we be using to engage our clients and grow our companies?

We’re sure we don’t need to tell you that both Facebook and LinkedIn are platforms that you should be utilising, but we do think that we have some advice to offer on how to get the most out of their group options. Here’s our quick guide to using both.

Facebook pages are popular among businesses, but are you using a Facebook group? Groups can be used for dedicated customers, as a way to keep loyal consumers regularly updated on all your latest offers as well as to stage giveaways. Rather than allow anyone to join this group, you could only allow active customers to become members. It’s a nice perk and will increase brand loyalty.

Groups are also a fantastic way to gain feedback from your client base, as well as to answer any questions that they might have. A group lets your customers know that you care about their opinions and are willing to listen, as well as fostering a community that centres on the services or product that you supply. Overall, it makes your company seem more approachable as well as giving you a platform to shout about your successes.

LinkedIn is the ultimate in networking – but are you only using it in a personal capacity? Creating your own LinkedIn group to promote your business should be the next step you take, and then you should begin to hunt out those who you think would be interested in what you offer. Join the sorts of groups where you expect to find potential clients and begin sharing helpful blogs and articles with them, showing that you’re an authority that can be trusted to provide useful and well-researched information.

LinkedIn groups also allow you to conduct market research without the price tag. You can create a poll with a LinkedIn group, which means you can get feedback from your group members – this information is invaluable and would traditionally take a huge amount of time and money to gain.

If you’re feeling uncertain about how you can use groups, or any other form of social media, then get in touch with Point and Stare. We can help you manage your social media presence so get in touch today.