For many online businesses, their number one aim is to have a customer visit their site and for them to be so impressed that they’re ready to immediately make a purchase. It’s your job, as a website owner, to make it as easy as possible for that conversion to occur.

So far, so simple.

The problem is that there are barriers to the sale. Sometimes it’s a case of your website loading too slowly, or your landing page not being engaging enough. Sometimes, it’s that the customer has to leave your website in order to buy the product.

This last point is where WooCommerce really comes into its own. In short, WooCommerce is a free ecommerce plugin for WordPress that integrates seamlessly into your WordPress based website and allows you to sell anything you want.

WooCommerce is a particularly useful plugin to utilise because of the flexibility that it allows. It is open source, meaning that it’s constantly evolving and problems are dealt with in a far speedier manner than they might otherwise be. Developers are therefore able to work on WooCommerce in order to make it suit their and their clients’ needs.

There are currently over 300 extensions available for WooCommerce, meaning that whatever functions you need to integrate into your store, it’s more than likely a possibility. The size of your store can be changed, the look of your store can be modified with themes, there are extensive payment options available, and you can create discount vouchers to be used by customers as well as allowing them to create ‘wish lists’ using your products.

It’s this customisable aspect of WooCommerce that makes it such a successful tool in terms of both the user experience and the sales made. You have complete control over it, and don’t have to compromise.

When a customer visits your WordPress site, they want the experience to be a simple one. If you’re looking to incorporate WooCommerce into your online store, or if you’re looking to start from scratch and build an entire website, then get in touch with us at Point and Stare.