Everyone needs their website to have the SEO once over, preferably at the planning stage, but lately we’re finding companies that have an established website now looking to improve their current standings and rankings.
Google for SEO companies and you’ll get thousands of results (actually you’ll get around 3,220,000). Amongst those results you’ll find many, many companies claiming to be SEO experts but only a select, dedicated few are actually any good.

Overall these companies all concentrate on the obvious – keywords, directory listings, back-links etc but at Point and Stare we focus on the elemental structure and build – in effect Technical SEO.

It’s great having a keyword rich website or online store but if the back-end development is archaic then you’re simply wasting valuable time and money.

As part of our Technical SEO service we will run an overall Technical SEO report that would flag up structural and technical anomalies that could stop your website from listing let along being anywhere around page 1.

Technical SEO is at the the heart of any successful website so contact us today for a Technical SEO report and let’s get your website working as hard as you do.