There’s a lot of talk about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and everyone and his uncle has seemingly overnight, become an SEO guru.

SEO is a frequently discussed topic and for good reason. Implementing quality SEO features is essential to building an effective, high ranking website.

As a web development company it is our job to advice and implement SEO techniques and features into every website and online store we produce. Even the most basic SEO can have a positive impact. Something that we have learned over the past 14 years, not just last week!

This list contains a few basics highlighting the importance of SEO both in front of and behind the screen.
So, as a beneficiary of our skills what should you look out for?

1, Page title:

Very important as this is the main area that SEs use to categorise and list your website.
Use relevance wisely.
If the page content is about ‘Lady Bracknell arriving’ don’t leave it as ‘Untitled Document’.

2, Keywords/ description:

Although not as important as they used to be, keywords and descriptions written into your website’s header are necessary to describe what your website is about.
A description of –
Algernon, an aristocratic young Londoner, pretends to have a friend named Bunbury’ is more beneficial than ‘’.

3, Image tags:

As well as what you see you also need to consider partially sighted/ blind visitors. Again, it’s no use calling an image image_2.jpg. Give it relevance.
A screen reader will read “image_2.jpg” rather than what you should use – “a_handbag.jpg” Each image also needs alt and title tags alt=”A handbag” title=”A handbag”.

4, Readability:

Visual layout is just as important as coding semantics.
Use structure and grids to layout content. There are no laws regarding structure but cultural requirements need to be considered – For example Arabic is written right to left.

Essentially, is the writing succinct, precise and attention grabbing?
Does it scan well?
Is it to the point?

Remember the age old phrase about ‘first impressions’? This applies just as importantly to the online as well as offline world.

So if your website fails any of these basic SEO features have a word with your web development company or better still, give us a call.