An article in 2014 from Business Insider revealed that digital design and advertising firm Huge actually spent 45 days planning a single tweet. While some may consider this more than a bit excessive, it does highlight the importance of savvy social media marketing, as well as the distinct shift towards content marketing within the social media framework.

It’s no secret that social networks are now the hub of corporate advertising; as a result, the major social networks Facebook and Twitter have had to impose more discerning filters to stop its feeds being completely glutted with corporate spam. In order to help improve the user experience and stop advertisers inundating their networks with low-quality adverts, social media powerhouses are now demanding higher standards in terms of the content that can now be shared by corporate users.

Not only does this mean online marketers must now spend more time coming up with creative, entertaining or informative content to share on social media profiles, but they must also think of more inventive ways of actually using social media to promote their brand.

This is where Point and Stare’s expertise in utilising social media to increase the reach and awareness of your brand proves invaluable. Instead of encouraging our clients to pump their online followers’ feeds full of undesirable content, we offer a unique platform that stimulates user-generated content to effectively market your business or event, while spurring increased interaction and engagement with your target audience.

Using Point and Stare’s moderated, interactive live displays throughout your shop or event, your online followers can post live tweets or share Instagram photos directly to your company’s fully branded, customised Twitter Wall or Instagram feed, in real time. This way, you’re moving from the one-way advertising monologue to an engaging dialogue with your audience.

So does it take 45 days of tweet-planning to have a successful social media strategy? Not at all—all it takes is ingenuity, quality content, and a creative use of this modern advertising medium so that your online audience feels like a part of your corporate family.

To learn more on how Point and Stare can help you maximise your marketing potential with live branded Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest streams, contact us today.