When Pinterest was launched back in 2010, there were undoubtedly lots of eyes rolling in the world of corporate advertising – here was yet another social network to cover; and what good could it possibly be for businesses? However, Pinterest may just be the best thing yet for online marketing.

By creating personalised pin boards, users of this “virtual discovery tool” can collect and share images (pins) by ‘pinning’ them to their boards. A pin may be just an image, but more often than not, pins are linked to landing pages like blogs and business websites. If a user clicks on a pin, he will be taken directly to the relevant landing page; for example, an image of a delicious-looking cake may be linked to a page with the cake recipe on a baking blog.

Perhaps the best part about Pinterest is the scope for creativity afforded to corporate advertisers.
It’s an excellent platform for creating or strengthening your brand identity using visually appealing, innovative concepts. For architects, artists, and graphic designers, Pinterest boards can be used to showcase their work; while any corporate brand can easily promote their products through customised boards.

As ‘pinners’ (Pinterest users) are actively looking for ideas, inspiration and tips, corporate content is well received, particularly when presented creatively through artistic and innovative visuals; this is also what sets Pinterest apart from networks like Facebook, where corporate content must be of the highest quality or else risk being considered spam or a nuisance. Consequently, this means the rate of sale conversions may be much higher on Pinterest than on other social networks.

At Point and Stare, we take the brilliant marketing power of Pinterest one step further, allowing businesses to encourage user interaction with their Pinterest profile (via shares, likes and re-pinning) through customised hashtags and live interactive screen displays throughout any corporate event or venue. These live Pinterest streams are both eye-catching and engaging, extending the reach of your event’s marketing far beyond the event itself.

To learn more on how Pinterest could enhance your social media marketing strategy, contact us at Point and Stare today.