The Internet and social media can often be frowned upon by older generations as a dimension which seemingly has no bearing on reality. According to this view, nothing that takes place in this virtual world impinges on the world we live in, and instead gives youngsters a warped view of the world.

A recent and wildly popular hashtag, #ChangeTheName, suggests otherwise. There has been uproar on Twitter denouncing the nickname of Washington’s American football team, the Vikings (known as the ‘redskins’), as deeply offensive and belonging to a world long left behind. On Sunday 2 November alone, when Washington took on Minnesota, the hashtags #ChangeTheName, #NotYourMascot and #NoHonorInRacism were used no less than 24,000 times and they forced the topic into mainstream headlines and onto the national agenda.
Not only did the subject wind up in the media, but an estimated 5,000 people took to the streets to protest against the name.

Events such as these truly emphasise the astounding power of Twitter to reach and inform people all over the globe. It is this power that we tap into at Point and Stare. For centuries, businesses have been seeking better ways to attract and remain in touch with clients. Now we have such a tool, we think it is imperative that businesses use what is, for us, the most purposeful, impactful and effective marketing tool on the planet.

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