The rise of the internet means that the world is smaller, faster, and better connected than ever, but what does this mean for your business? It means innumerable opportunities, not being restricted by geographical location, and the potential for more growth than we would have been able to comprehend just a mere decade ago.
Going viral and harnessing untapped markets are not just the stuff of internet legends – they’re real, happening, and yours for the taking. Here, we outline the importance of rising above the competition and making the decision to take your business into the multilingual stratosphere this new year.

Limiting your business to English speakers is like teasing yourself with just the icing of a very large, scrumptiously-profitable cake. With booming Russian and Chinese markets, why hold yourself back? Having a multilingual website opens doors to customers from all over the world, unleashing the potential for an increase in website traffic, social media activity and, most importantly – sales.
But it doesn’t stop there. Having a multilingual website also means that you can start to analyse the unique buying habits of your global demographic, allowing you to identify gaps in your business and really take it to the next level.

Customer relations
Having your website available in multiple languages demonstrates that you really care about your customers and their experience with you. Not only can it make the difference between a browser and a buyer, but, for non-native English speakers, it shows that you’re on the same page, defining your brand as professional, empathetic, and culturally aware.
In addition, a multilingual website can increase trust and credibility, giving customers the impression that they are buying a little closer to home and into a business that really values being able to communicate with their customers – wherever they may be in the world.

Having different language options on your website can really give you the edge; ask yourself, wouldn’t you be more comfortable shopping in your native tongue and currency? Furthermore, multilingual businesses are fantastic for search engine optimisation, because your strategically placed keywords will be ranked in the individual (and perhaps less competitive) languages, too.
Point and Stare has a wealth of experience in constructing an online presence for global brands, building multilingual websites for companies such as de Grisogono, Kaplan International, Martini Grand Prix and Chateau Mouton Rothschild.

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