Despite its launch being a good couple of years ago now, Facebook Live remains a fantastic, fresh and interesting way of interacting with your customers in real time. Instead of spending hours on end editing and tweaking the perfect video, this brilliant addition to the world of social media allows for in-the-moment marketing for which the only requirements are your phone camera, an Internet connection and a Facebook account. To get started, all you need to do is go the section where you would normally write a status, click the ‘Go Live’ video camera icon and voila!

Here, we outline a few ways that Facebook Live can benefit your business, in addition to offering some suggestions for your content calendar.

Why integrate Facebook Live into your marketing strategy?

It’s built into Facebook
Unlike other live streaming newcomers such as Periscope, having the feature integrated within an already popular social media site means you don’t have to start from scratch to build up your audience.

It’s time efficient
Although you can’t go far wrong with planning in advance, the beauty of Facebook Live is that it’s designed for spontaneity, allowing you to connect with followers at the push of a button.

Videos are automatically saved
Once your Facebook Live video has ended, it will automatically save to your timeline, meaning offline followers can catch up at a later date. Unlike Stories, this gives your masterpiece permanence, meaning it can be further shared or tweeted to get an even higher reach.

You can build a relationship with your audience
Facebook Live is up close and personal, meaning companies have nothing to hide behind. It has the potential to give your brand a more human element, making it more relatable, likeable and, most importantly – memorable.

It’s authentic
These days, people want authenticity and transparency when it comes to making purchasing decisions. Whether that is through knowing where their product comes from or how it’s made, Facebook Live allows for behind-the-scenes access to otherwise out of bounds areas.

Not sure where to start? Ideas that have been successful in the past include daily tips, answering frequently asked questions or even question and answer sessions. You could also do a behind-the-scenes video of your factory or office, demonstrate how a product is made or how to use it, tour a live event or prepare employee interviews. Remember that your video needs to be of interest or use, meaning it’s crucial you avoid content that could be considered advertorial or like a sales pitch. For more ideas on how Facebook Live can work for your business, get in contact with Point and Stare today.